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Carpet Cleaning Services Santa Maria, CA

Cleaned Capet in Living Room - Carpet - Santa Maria, CA
When you trust the dedicated and courteous team at Steam Co Carpet Care with your carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning needs, you won't be disappointed. Our effective cleaning services include the use of a truck-mounted steam cleaning machine, known as the Prochem Everest cleaner. This innovative machine heats water up to 250 degrees to deep clean your surfaces. Only soft water is used in order to provide the best results while minimizing the likelihood of mineral build-up or residue, and we also use fabric softener on upholstery and carpeting to ensure that the materials remain soft and comfortable for you to use. This machine is effective at removing everything from stubborn organic stains to synthetic stains, pet spots and even grease.
All carpets should be professionally steam cleaned at least once per year, but those with pets may opt to have their floors cleaned twice per year for the best results. Areas with water damage should be cleaned as soon as possible, regardless of when the last professional cleaning service was. The reliable cleaners at Steam Co Carpet Care pre-treat pet stains and other stains with safe, effective cleansing products that have special enzymes powerful enough to break down the stains and odors. While powerful and effective, these cleaning products are also biodegradable, eco-friendly and approved for use by OSHA.
Girl and pet on a carpet - Carpet - Santa Maria, CA
When scheduling service with Steam Co Carpet Care, keep in mind that carpeting can take up to four hours to dry, and we can also clean your area rugs, tile and upholstery.